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Home Office Design Ideas

Whether you are looking to set up a home office or revamp your existing one, a few pointers can help transform your space. An ideal home office is a quiet separate area in your house that accommodates everything required to work. Working on your dining table, couch, or bed may not give you the best atmosphere suitable for work. For this reason, working on a dedicated working space will go a long way in ensuring a permanent solution for all working from home obligations.

Home Office Layout

It is advisable to set up your office away from the rest of the room. This means that your furniture should face away from other things in the room where the office is located to minimize distraction by staring at random things in the room. This arrangement aims to give the office user more focus while leaving space to accommodate other office essentials such as a chest of drawers( for storage.

Choice of Furniture

What furniture to use largely depends on the amount of space you have and the budget you are working with. If on a small budget, use furniture pieces that you already own. This can then allow you to set money aside to get better pieces in the future slowly. An ergonomic chair is recommended for workspaces, especially for users who spend a lot of time sitting down. The workspace table should be of good height for comfort, retaining good posture and ease of typing or writing.

Color Scheme

While there is no limitation as far as the color scheme goes, a more neutral color palette is recommended for an office. This is because neutral colors appear to be less noisy or distracting than brighter colors. There is also something about a minimal office that creates a formal environment best suited for work. However, based on individual preference, incorporating color in your office space is allowed. To get the best of both alternatives, you can maintain a neutral color scheme then add a few accent pieces to break the monotony; this can be a colorful chest of drawers, a plant or a piece of wall art.


If the office is not in a dedicated room, using a rug can demarcate the office area. Rugs also add warmth and comfort, and depending on shape and size; they help bring a balance and symmetry to the space.

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